Learn Why BBB Soaps Should Be Your New Soap

by RoSee Murphy

Black Bean Beauty Soaps are taking the world by storm with love and passion. And the first thing you think is “What’s the big hype about soap?” The selling factor for this business is the owner’s passion for helping others and the quality of Black Bean Beauty products. These soaps are made with all natural ingredients. We have soaps that have the ability to relax, energize, and even promote a better sex life.


These soaps have been sold all over the world. Black Bean Beauty soaps started in Washington DC. The business is now located in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.

About the Owner

RoSeé is first an foremost a recent CANCER SURVIVOR!

She is also an Azure Cloud Customer Engineer at Microsoft. She is also: Master Cosmetologist in DC, Maryland and North Carolina with over 20+ years experience.  She is a (Partially-deaf) Disabled Veteran; an active membe of Blacks in Government Region XI; a Holistic Health and Wellness Promoter @ AskDoGood.

“Every since I got off that operating table this last time, my eyes and heart opened in a new caring way.”

From Passion to Purpose RoSeé Murphy, the owner of this beautiful soap company, has fought through many heath challenges that makes for a beautiful testimony and business. But most importantly, these challenges created a passion to live a fulfilling life. RoSeé Murphy is a proud Disabled Veteran. Upon dealing with her PTSD, making soap became a very fun and relaxing coping mechanism. She also just recently conquered a 20-year bout with a hosts of Thyroid illnesses, including cancer.


Black Bean Beauty soaps are now in your area. We would like your support. We have beautiful soaps, competitive prices, and most importantly these soaps are made with a purpose — to help you respect the skin you are in. These soaps are infused with essential oils like Lavender, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Frankincense, just to name a few. These soaps are on sell for $3.99 online ($3.00 in person) for the remainder of the year as a holiday promo. The original price for these soaps are $10.00 each.

Website : www.blackbeanbeauty.com

Email : blackbeanbeautysoaps@gmail.com

IG : blackbeanbeauty_essentials

FB : Black Bean Beauty