Why Are Black Father's Important?


It is June, and you know that means we have to honor all of our strong Black fathers. Think of all the times they have been there for you and the family. Just pick up the phone and give them a ring and thank them for all the long talks and advice they have shared with you on the drive to school. Even though their advice can be long-winded, they always have some good nuggets in there. Black fathers are not receiving the thanks they deserve. They have been with us through the heartbreak, taught us how to ride our bikes, and stressed us while teaching us how to drive a stick. Many exemplary Black fathers have taught their sons how to be a man. There is a stereotype of Black fathers in America: they are absent from the home, and their children are growing up fatherless. There is some truth to it, but it is also true of so does other races. One reason why some African American homes are broken is because of the inequality that is going on in America. Black men have to endure so much in America; they are being hunted by the police and others who dislike them - but this is another story for another time. We here to honor the strong fathers who have to go through so much, from being a parent to watch their back every time a police car passes them.

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