About Black Bean Beauty

 Inner peace soap with baby zucchinis

Black Bean Beauty is a sister store of AskDoGood. It was created to cater to those of us who associate cleanliness, intimacy, and our senses with pure and natural products that enhance our lives. These soaps help the body to get rid of poisons and toxins, help improve blood circulation and flow by penetration to the entire body.  These soaps stay working on the body even after each use. Promotes brighter skin, can be used as natural hair cleanser; increase oxygen flow by opening up the airways, using the combination of certain oils along with the steam of the shower. Using only the purest of essential oils and colors, BBB has a soap that works for just about any chemical body makeup.  Find your peace, energy, and chakra balance with these products.

Black Bean Beauty focuses on the art of removing stress and pessimism from the body, to replace them with ultimate relaxation and optimistic efforts.

All of our products are created and presented with love. 

Respect the skin you are in...